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 COLCPE and Your Job                                                                                                                                                            CLICK here to signup
H.R. 2309 Misses Mark on Postal Reform
Issa-Ross bill fails to address real problems, attacks bargaining rights of workers
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COLCPE and Letter Carrier Jobs

   The people we elect to Congress are going to be the ones making the decisions that shape our future. We need to have Congressional representatives that are familiar with our goals, and who will stand up for postal employees. Congressmen and women who will support the issues the Union presents on behalf of not only of the membership but, the Postal Service as well. Today the survival of the U.S. Postal Service, endangered by the recklessness of financial firms and Wall Street, could depend on whether Congress enacts bipartisan legislation that would save the Postal service billions of dollars.

We cannot afford to let our competitors get the edge, as the results could be disastrous. To make our voice heard in Congress, the NALC has launched a COLCPE (the NALC's political action fund) payroll deduction program for active letter carriers. Members of the NALC may now make voluntary contributions to COLCPE by making an allotment request via PostalEASE. [Note: An allotment is a sum of money withheld from an individual's paycheck by the Postal Service and sent directly to a financial institution. Sums of money sent elsewhere -- to charities, courts (garnishment, child support), Thrift Savings Plan -- are not considered allotments.]

The initiation of PostalEASE has not been a simple task. Officers and staff at National Headquarters have worked for a long time to make it a reality. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of making a voluntary contribution to COLCPE. In order for the NALC to stay competitive in the legislative arena, we must be able to keep up with the likes of Fed-Ex and UPS. Fed-Ex and UPS alone contribute millions of dollars to the campaigns of Senators and Congressmen/women who are supportive of their cause. In order to maintain a level playing field, and not get left behind, the NALC must be able to make considerable donations to the campaigns of representatives who support our goals.
The NALC, through COLCPE, has contributed to the campaigns of many Senators and Congressional representatives, regardless of their party affiliation, throughout the years. The contributions made from COLCPE, during the 2000-2002 election cycle were impressive. Over $1.5 million was distributed by COLCPE.

In comparison, however, FedEx was able to distribute over $2.9 million, while UPS distributed over $3.5 million! You can see we have a LOT of work to do. Being outspent by a 2-1 margin is just the tip of the iceberg. The PAC funds from these very wealthy organizations continue to raise money at incredible speeds, allowing their lobbying efforts to pay huge dividends.

The NALC is asking every letter carrier - active and retired - to support COLCPE by signing up for regular contributions. Your donation of $5.00 a pay period or more is critical in helping the NALC in their fight for the future of the USPS.
Signing up for COLCPE through payroll deduction is now just a phone call away. Call toll-free at 1877-4PS-EASE (1-877-477-3273) or you can signup by clicking this link COLCPE.
To contribute to COLCPE via the PostalEASE system, active members must have a recent issue of the Postal Record handy so they can enter the first seven digits of the identification number that appears on the mailing label. If the member does not have a Postal Record label which contains their ID number, a call may be made to the National Business Agent for their Region (see inside front cover of your Postal Record for contact info) or the office of the Director of Retired Members to obtain the number.

Our work is not done! At this time the maximum number of allotments allowed is two, however, the NALC is attempting to increase the number of allotments allowed. Any member who already has two allotments may wish to contribute to COLCPE via Electronic Fund Transfer at their bank. For details click here COLCPE .

Retired members can make voluntary donations to COLCPE by having the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) make the deduction from their monthly annuity check. Click this link COLCPE to signup.

It is preferable to use PostalEASE if you are eligible to do so. If not, then a member may contribute directly to COLCPE by sending a check or money order made out to COLCPE and mailed to NALC headquarters at 100 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C., 20001-2144.

Retired NALC members may also contribute directly to COLCPE by writing a check or sending a money order to NALC headquarters at 100 Indiana Avenue, N.W., Washington, D. C., 20001-2144. Retirees should be sure their Social Security number and current address are on the check/money order.

e-Activist Network

If you have not already done so I urge you to click on the link below and to go to the NALC's home page and sign-up today. The job and retirement you help save may be your own. NALC.org

Manny Mairena

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